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The Student Success Center (SSC) is your portal to achieving academic success at UT Dallas. Whether you are seeking review sessions, tutoring, or other approaches for academic support, our team makes every effort to assist students in meeting their academic goals across a wide variety of subject areas.

UT Dallas is unique among many comparable universities for the remarkable amount of resources dedicated to the SSC. Learn more about our offerings on help with courses, writing/speaking, and personal finance for UT Dallas students.

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Every student at UT Dallas is expected to exercise independent thought and expression as he or she strives for academic achievement.  As part of the UT Dallas community, the Student Success Center (SSC) supports Community Standards and Conduct and their definition of academic integrity. All peer leaders and staff members have the right to ask where coursework content came from and may or may not be able to assist with it. SSC professional staff may report any known academic dishonesty to the faculty member(s) of the course. 

To obtain disability-related academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids, students with disabilities must contact the course instructor and the Office of Student AccessAbility as soon as possible. To contact OSA, e-mail studentaccess@utdallas.edu.